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Alice Leywin is the mother of both Arthur Leywin and Eleanor Leywin. She is also the wife of Reynolds Leywin.


She had distinct auburn hair and brown eyes.


She is very kindhearted, gentle, and a warm person.


She worked at the Adventurer Guild or the Guild Hall back in Valden and was assigned to proctor a basic practical exam. She saw Reynold and his jaw literally dropped the moment he saw her, he asked her out for dinner and that's when their story started.

Alice was previously traumatized because she failed to rid previous member of the Twin Horns, Lensa, of a poison that attacked her mana core and made her unable to use magic. This trauma worsened when Lensa went into a dungeon despite being unable to cultivate because she wanted to die an 'honorable death'. She later overcame this trauma to fight in the war alongside Reynolds after the death of Adam and blaming herself that she wasn't there.


  • (To Arthur) “Please, Art... no more secrets.”[1]
  • (To Arthur) “More so than some hero, I just wanted my son to come home without being half-dead every time.”[2]

Notes & Trivia

  • Alice is ranked 10th in the comic's character popularity poll, receiving 418 votes.[3]
  • She is an emitter, most commonly known as healers.[4]



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