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Reynolds “Rey” Leywin is the husband of Alice Leywin, as well as the father of their children Arthur Leywin and Eleanor Leywin. He was a former adventurer and was the leader of the Twin Horns Party before his retirement. Thereafter, after some time passed, he became the head of security of the Helstea Auction House.


Season 1: He is a very charismatic-looking man with a cleanly shaven square jawline. He had very ashy brown colored hair and had deep blue colored eyes while his eyebrows were strong and fierce.[4]

Season 2: While living in Xyrus City, Rey has grown a light stubble beard and has become more muscular after reaching the dark orange stage. He also sports the standard Helstea Auction House uniform, with a sun emblem sash around his arm.

Season 3: After Arthur returned from his adventuring days with Jasmine Flamesworth, Rey’s beard and mustache have grown longer, while he also got some wrinkles on his face. His body is still pretty muscular despite his age due to his constant training. [5]

Season 4: Reynolds didn’t change much during Arthur’s stay in Xyrus Academy.

Season 5: Reynolds also didn’t change much after Arthur’s return from his training in Epheotus. Only the wrinkles on his face seemed to have increased.


Often described as brass and carefree, Reynolds is very dependable and charismatic with a thirst for adventure. He can be a bit immature and air-headed at times, not able to read the room or realize the situation he is in. Rey’s most defining trait is his love for his family. While he enjoys the adventure and risks of being an adventurer, he retired from being an adventurer shortly after he learned that he would become a father as he wanted to spend his remaining time being with his family rather than adventuring, since Reynolds holds the opinion that showing his love for his family was greater than any adventure. Rey is a very selfless man and will always put others before himself, even in moments where he is in despair. When he believed he lost his son Arthur, Rey suppressed his grief to console his wife for the sake of her and their unborn child. While he may seem incompetent at times, Reynolds has been described as a natural leader having originally lead the Twin Horns on countless adventures and was immediately appointed by Vincent to be the captain of the Helstea guards with respect.


When Reynolds first awakened, at the early age of twelve, he was sleeping and the pushing force made him levitate for a good couple of minutes.[6]

At some point, Reynolds became an Adventurer where he met and became friends with a client named Vincent Helstea, whom he protected from a bandit attack while escorting him to Eksire City. The two remained good friends after that, occasionally writing to each other. Reynolds was a pretty competent adventurer back in the days, achieving the rank of B-class Adventurer by the age of twenty-eight, which was considered a pretty fast climb. [7] Reynolds was affiliated with several parties while he was an adventurer before officially joining the Twin Horns Party, where he was appointed as the leader. While operating in the city of Valden, Reynolds met and fell in love with an exam proctor named Alice on first sight, causing his jaw to literally drop upon looking at her visage. Afterwards, he asked her out for dinner and that's when their story started.

On one unfortunate day, the Twin Horns were met with tragedy as one of their members at the time Lensa, was struck by poison during a mission that left her unable to use magic. Afterwards, against the wishes of Reynolds and the Twin Horns, Lense went into a dungeon despite being unable to use magic, because she wanted to die an 'honorable death'. Following this, Reynolds gave up being an adventurer and instead took up a post as a guard in Ashber town after the birth of his son.[7]

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(To Arthur): "My boy is a genius! Awakened at the age of less than three! This is unprecedented! I thought I was fast, but jeez!" [6]

(To Arthur): "Atta boy. That’s my son."[8]

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Reynolds is ranked 11th in the comic's character popularity poll, receiving 391 votes.[9]
  • He is capable of summoning rocks/boulders. [4]
  • His nickname Rey means “King” in Spanish.