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Brandon Lee, pen name TurtleMe, is the author of The Beginning After The End Novel and writer for The Beginning After The End Webcomic.


Brandon grew up holing himself in the darkest and most secluded corners of his local Barnes & Noble while reading fantasy novels for hours. The novels provided solace for him throughout the stresses of high school, college, and his job. He has a major in Psychology in order to go into HR to working in finance.[1]

Wearing the mask of TurtleMe, he has progressed from his title as a Berkeley graduate and discarded his identity as a corporate worker and delved into the world of fantasy. As a recognized web serial author for over three years, TurtleMe brings together a mix of traditional literature alongside fast-paced installments into his novel "The Beginning After The End", an epic fantasy starting from the rebirth of a king into a new life of magic and twisted fate. He has a fondness for books, comics, games and going on walks with his wonderful fiancée, Grace, and his devious dog, Roy. Today, he's a self-published author on Amazon Kindle and Tapas. Born in Korea[2], Brandon currently resides in the Greater Seattle Area in Washington.[3]